Carrowmore Lake – Report up to June 21st

Carrowmore Lake – Angling Update – To June 21st

Despite the relatively poor angling conditions – mostly because of wind the lake has seen good angling with numbers of Sea Trout entering the lake which have been caught on the fly up to and over 2lbs weight. Best fish caught recently on the lake was 13lb caught by Martin Ryan. Glen Woods also had a few fish. Other anglers that have done well are

B. Seymour

J. Burns

MI. Gallagher

D. Keogh,

J. Mcarthy

M. Reuland


M. Corway

Eamon Giblin who wins the prize for possibly the smallest fish ever caught on the lake – well done Eamon your rubber medal is in the post.

Most of the fish caught were returned safely with a very high percentage of anglers this year releasing fish. Well done to all.

Prize for the smallest fish ever landed on the lake goes to Eamon.

Mervin Corway with a Carrowmore Bangor Erris Salmon

Mervin Corway with a Carrowmore Bangor Erris Flyfishing Caught Salmon – released

Martin Ryan with a Carrowmore Bangor Erris Flyfishing Caught fine 13lb Salmon.

Jamers Burns with a Carrowmore Bangor Erris Flyfishing Caught Salmon.

Glenn Woods with a Carrowmore Bangor Erris Flyfishing Caught Salmon – released

Anyone wanting to fish the lake or river can contact Seamus on 0872460776

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Carrowmore Lake – Report up to June 8th

Carrowmore Lake – Angling Update – To June 8th 

There was little or no angling on Carrowmore lake for nearly two weeks due to weather conditions in late May. Fishing has improved for the past 10 days. The following anglers had fish:

J. Long

V Rigney

R. McDonnell

B. Seymour

B. Baines

B. Doocey

M. Corway

M. Kilen

M. Naughton

B. Moore

Most of the fish caught were returned safely. The first of the sea-trout have also arrived.

Carrowmore Lake_Bangor Erris_mayo_Ireland


Released fish – Photos courtesy of Mervin Corway


Anyone wanting to fish the lake or river can contact Seamus on 0872460776

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Carrowmore Lake – Report up to May 10th

Angling Update – To May 10th 


Some fantastic fishing on the lake since the last update despite a few off days due to heavy winds.

Some of the lucky Anglers were Mervin Corway and Barry Doocey who both had a cracking evening last week with 4 fish to the boat all released safely.

Brian Hope, Toby Gibbons, kevin Beirne, Martin Reuland and Kevin McGrevy all had fish last.

Christen Brudenell is shown Below with a beautiful fish which was released – she has done amazingly well this year with some beautiful fish – all released so a great sports lady.

Other lucky anglers at the weekend were Seamus Gaughan and Jim Mills both local anglers – both of whom released their fish.


If anyone wants to fish the lake you can contact Seamus directly on 0872460776



Brian Hope with a Fine Carrowmore Lake Atlantic Salmon

Christen Brudenell_Atlantic Salmon_Carrowomore_Lake

Mervin Corway Atlantic Salmon Carrowmore

Barry Doocey _Atlantic Salmon being released

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Carrowmore Lake – Despite a lot of Bright weather the fishing remains good on the lake

Angling Update – some extra pictures from recent Angling – Tuesday 27th April

Here are some updated and extra pictures from recent anglers on the lake.

Some absolutely cracking fish have been landed up to 13lbs (we are awaiting a photo of that one at the time of writing.

As this report is being typed the weather has changed considerably from yesterday and today is much breezier and cooler than recent days with some heavy showers and a north wind.

Some of the lucky or skilled anglers with fish shown below:

John Cosgrove

Christen Brudenell

Marcus Muller

Eamon Kennedy

Vincent Rigney

Barry Doocey

Also not shown Brendan Hamrock from Castlebar had a fish of 12lbs. There were a number of other fish caught and released by the above anglers and other anglers not shown here.

Prospects are good once the wind settles back down…

Barry Doocey_Atlantic Salmon

Eamon Kennedy_Atlantic Salmon

Marcus Muller_Atlantic Salmon

Vincent Rigney_Atlantic Salmon Flyfishing_Carrowmore_Lake_Bangor_Erris_Mayo_Ireland.JPG

Vincent Rigney_Atlantic Salmon

Christen Brudenell_Atlantic Salmon

Christen Brudenell_Atlantic Salmon

John Cosgrove_Atlantic Salmon

John Cosgrove_Atlantic Salmon


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Carrowmore Lake – Despite a lot of Bright weather the fishing remains good on the lake

Great Fishing Despite Difficult Angling Conditions

Carrowmore Lake has continued to yield some great Spring Salmon on the Fly despite a lot of bright weather over the past week. There has been an average o7 boats out on the lake every day and generally each boat is landing at least two fish if not more. The Best of the fishing has generally been in the evenings because of very bright days with cloudless skies on some occasions.

There have been quite a few fish caught since the last update but here are some of the recent lucky anglers below with a higher percentage releasing fish rather than keeping them which is great to see.

Merv Corway has caught a few more fish with one up to 13lb – all released

John Cosgrove has had a few fish up to 9lbs at time of writing

Cristy Murphy and Ben Baines both had fish on their day on the lake recently.

Vincent Rigney Westport has had a few Springers also most of which have been released

Declan Foley had his first fish of the year which was also released.

Kevin Byrne Castlebar had 2 fish one released

Vincent McHugh had one fish

Barry Doocey had a fish

Rocky Moran Castlebar had a fish

At the time of writing on Monday 26th April the weather is still very bright but cloudier and cooler conditions are promised this week so angling is expected to remain consistent if not better.


John Cosgrove with a fine fresh Salmon

Mervin Corway

Mervin Released Salmon

Mervins boat partners

Declan Foley Kiltimagh with his first Salmon – released.

Barry Doocey with a fresh fish

Pair of Atlantic Salmon

Cristy Murphy and Ben Baines

Cristy Murphy and Ben Baines and John Cosgrove





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Carrowmore Lake – The great start continues with some cracking Salmon landed Despite Bright weather

Fishing up to Friday the 16th April

This week – despite the bright weather has seen some great angling on the lake.

Some of the lucky anglers were Vincent Rigney, Westport who sportingly released his fish.

Rocky Moran, Castlebar who caught two fish and released one. (Even though he wasn’t supposed to be fishing yesterday according to him)

Kevin Byrne, Castlebar who also caught two fish and released one. The fish he kept was a cracking 9lb fish which is shown below on the boat

Two anglers who were testing new rods broke their new rods in fish – we will withhold their names as the investigation unfolds 😉

Vincent McHugh who visited the lake for the first time – also pictured below holding his fish had a beautiful 10.5lb Salmon which he was thrilled with.

David Lennon also caught and released a fish. There were reports of plenty of fish being spotted.

The weather is promised cooler at the weekend but temperatures are set to rise again next week so we anticipate good angling in the coming days.

Also photographed below by Brian Hope is a salmon being played by Vincent Rigney (I understand) –  Great photo Brian!




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Carrowmore Lake – First Fish of 2021 caught by a Dub!

We are sad to have to report the first fish of 2021 was caught on Carrowmore lake by a resident Dubin man – will we ever beat the dubs?

Mervin Corway who originally comes from Dublin but now lives locally caught the first Salmon on the fly yesterday Monday 12th April on Carrowmore lake in the wilds of Mayo. The fish was a cracking and pure fresh 9lb fresh mayo Atlantic Salmon caught on one of Mervin’s own tied flies. Mervin had no sooner landed the first fish and he was into a second fish of approx 7lbs which was landed and carefully released.

We are thrilled that Mervin caught the first fish this year as he has worked hard for this title. Mervin has little to learn where angling is concerned but he has promised us he is working on improving his – ‘how to smile for the camera’ look.

Mervin also caught two more spring Salmon on the next day one of which was released so this is a fantastic start to his angling this year.

Now that the 5km area has been extended to inter-county travel we expect a couple of more anglers to fish the lake in the coming days and as temperatures rise we expect plenty of action in the coming days.


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Carrowmore Lake – Week ending 19th July

Report for week ending 19th. July (Not many tags for the lake left!)

Excellent fishing again this week.
The following anglers had good catches.
M Bonner
B.O Hare
Most of fish were released. Very few brown tags left for the rest of the season so get on the lake before they are used …
Mervyn woods_Carrowmore_atlantic_salmon_Bangor_Erris_Flyfishing_Mayo_ireland

Mervyn woods_Carrowmore_atlantic_salmon_Bangor_Erris_Flyfishing_Mayo_ireland


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Carrowmore Lake – Week ending Saturday 4th July

Carrowmore Lake – Week ending Saturday 4th July

Week ending Sat.4th July
Great fishing on Fri. And Sat.
The following anglers had fish J.Long, M.Woods, R.Burns,.J.Murray, E.Giblin, D.Dooley, V.Keogh, S.Sutton. 18 in total for the 2 days and 12 were released. Its looking good for the coming week as the seatrout are active as well.


Glen-Woods-releasing-a-few-salmon Fly Fishnig Owenmore River Mayo Ireland July 2020

Glen-Woods-releasing-a-few-salmon Fly Fishing on the Owenmore River in Mayo Ireland in July 2020


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Carrowmore Lake – 18th June 2020 – to 8th July 2020

Carrowmore Lake – 18th June 2020- to 8th July 2020

The fishing when possible since the last report has been excellent on the lake. Many anglers are catching fine seatrout with many having landed fish up to 2.5lbs and one fish of nearly 4lbs in recent weeks.
The grilse continue to come into the lake encouraged by fresh water from all  the rain we have gotten over the last few weeks which was well and truly needed for both anglers and farmers alike!
Thursday 18th.
Mervyn Corway 2
John Cosgrove 1
Gallagher  had fish 1.
3 of those fish were released.
The following had fish
P. Maguire 1
John Cosgrove 1
All those fish were released.
There was no fishing from Saturday 20th. Due to gales.
Friday 28th John Cosgrove
No fishing again until Tuesday 30th. Eamon Power and Sean Keenan had one each.
Wednesday .D.Mcloughlin; S.Keenan, L.Gilsenan, Cox all had fish most were released.
Thursday 2nd. Robert McDonnell, Cosgrove, E.Corry, J.Furey, J.Burns, J.Murray and E Giblin and E.McGuinness all had fish. Most of those were released.
Seatrout fishing is also very good with some excellent catches and trout up to 2’5lbs.
If you ever wanted to see what a good flood on the Owenmore river looks like have a
look at the photo below…a sight for sore eyes and as always with spate rivers it went down as quick as it went up – almost!
There were plenty more fish caught in recent weeks but unfortunately a lot of anglers do not supply us
with the photos they promise us so a lot of fish go unseen.
More to follow soon….

Local Angler and Ghillie -John Cosgrove continues to build his fine angling reputation – its definately a good year for John – we want to know what secret fly he is using!


This is what a good flood on the Owenmore River looks like…


John Cosgrove with his chief angling advisor Leo Reuland


A fine brace of fresh Sea trout



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Salmon 1st Jan to 30th September
Sea Trout 1st Feb to 13th September

Brown Trout 1st May to 12th October