Carrowmore Lake – First Fish of 2021 caught by a Dub!

We are sad to have to report the first fish of 2021 was caught on Carrowmore lake by a resident Dubin man – will we ever beat the dubs?

Mervin Corway who originally comes from Dublin but now lives locally caught the first Salmon on the fly yesterday Monday 12th April on Carrowmore lake in the wilds of Mayo. The fish was a cracking and pure fresh 9lb fresh mayo Atlantic Salmon caught on one of Mervin’s own tied flies. Mervin had no sooner landed the first fish and he was into a second fish of approx 7lbs which was landed and carefully released.

We are thrilled that Mervin caught the first fish this year as he has worked hard for this title. Mervin has little to learn where angling is concerned but he has promised us he is working on improving his – ‘how to smile for the camera’ look.

Mervin also caught two more spring Salmon on the next day one of which was released so this is a fantastic start to his angling this year.

Now that the 5km area has been extended to inter-county travel we expect a couple of more anglers to fish the lake in the coming days and as temperatures rise we expect plenty of action in the coming days.


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