Carrowmore Lake – Despite a lot of Bright weather the fishing remains good on the lake

Angling Update – some extra pictures from recent Angling – Tuesday 27th April

Here are some updated and extra pictures from recent anglers on the lake.

Some absolutely cracking fish have been landed up to 13lbs (we are awaiting a photo of that one at the time of writing.

As this report is being typed the weather has changed considerably from yesterday and today is much breezier and cooler than recent days with some heavy showers and a north wind.

Some of the lucky or skilled anglers with fish shown below:

John Cosgrove

Christen Brudenell

Marcus Muller

Eamon Kennedy

Vincent Rigney

Barry Doocey

Also not shown Brendan Hamrock from Castlebar had a fish of 12lbs. There were a number of other fish caught and released by the above anglers and other anglers not shown here.

Prospects are good once the wind settles back down…

Barry Doocey_Atlantic Salmon

Eamon Kennedy_Atlantic Salmon
Marcus Muller_Atlantic Salmon
Vincent Rigney_Atlantic Salmon Flyfishing_Carrowmore_Lake_Bangor_Erris_Mayo_Ireland.JPG
Vincent Rigney_Atlantic Salmon
Christen Brudenell_Atlantic Salmon
Christen Brudenell_Atlantic Salmon
John Cosgrove_Atlantic Salmon
John Cosgrove_Atlantic Salmon

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