Letter from the Belgium team

Bangor Erris Angling is delighted to have received this lovely letter from the Belgium Team, we are delighted they enjoyed their stay From the 11th of June till the 18th June and do hope to see them again.

Hello, Markus Muller,
And Seamus Henry,
Des and Eileen,

We, Danny Verbessem and Paul De Neef,
we had good fishing last week,
The first 3 days on the Lake where verry calm and difficult, 1 fresh salmon mist my fly the second day and jumped further.
There was a floot the 3 e day (from -2 to +5 on the river) and we going to try the Owenmore 15/06/16.
I lost/mist two smoler fish in the morning befor breakfast (seatrout ?)
I had a big salmon on in the lower weirpool, at 3 pm but I lost him after the 4 th jump. Pffff
After a lunch And 1 our lather at 4 pm, had Paul exactly on the same place a big salmon +/- 10 lbs (77 cm) on. He was well lucky, And we netting him. After a few nice picture and a kiss we relaesd him.
At 5 pm I had a other big pull on, at the same pool. And yes I was also lucky to netting him, + 10 lbs (78 cm).
We fished al day 3 pools lower the weir and the upper weir.
Paul was verry lucky with 3 big pulls and netting thise 3 big salmon!!!! Great day Paul!
I had also 3 big salmon on, but I lost two after a nice drill. And I had also a few rises.
A great day with 4 salmon netting + 10 á 12 lbs, and 2 lost!
The day after we try also the river, but I saw only 2 big fish upper on the river, but now take. After 4- 5 pm the river was brown after construction upper.
The last day freyday we fished on the lake, great fishing late in the day after 4 pm the fish run up to the rivers.
I had 4 nice seatrout and lost 3/4 seatrout and also mist 3 grills.
Paul was agan lucky with a nice grills 55 cm, 4-5 lbs, and also 1 nice seatrout.
He had also a few seatrout mist and also mist two grills.
This was a beautiful day for and the week!!!!

We were staying from sat 11 to sat 18 June 2016 as well as last 2 years in Ennisdrum House.
Or best Regards to Des and Eileen, for the best B&B in Bangor, thanks for everything.
Hopefully we see you next year back!


Danny & Paul

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Danny Verbessem
Magnus Villa’s

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