Angling report for week to April 18th to April 24th

April 18th: 5 fish landed, 3 released, J. O’Neill, J. Burke, J.Ruane, G. Dooley and Frank Hughes were the anglers today.

April 19th: 4 fish taken and 2 of them released. R.Mayock, P.O’Mara, J. O’Neill and C.Blake were the anglers involved. The average weight was 4/5lbs. Brilliant sunshine and no wind today.

April 20th: 1 fish of 5lbs. Taken by Shane Maloney in brilliant sunshine.

April 21st: 5 salmon taken 3 of which were released. E. Corry, B.Hope, J. O’Connor and L.M. Alinden. Average weight 6lbs.

April 22nd: 1 salmon of 10lbs taken by John Campbell. Conditions very cold north wind – fish was released.

April 23rd: 2 fish taken by Rory Murray – released.

April 24th: 3 fish taken, 2 of which were released. J.Campbell, Malcom Bell and 13 year old Tom Bell had his first one on the fly.


Mike Brown (from England on his first visit with an 8lbs salmon), Brian Hope, Richard McDowell (6lbs), Ronnie Mayock (8lbs), first salmon on the fly for Tom Bell 13 years old (weight 10lbs), Paul O’Meara (10lbs salmon).

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