Angling report for week May 9th to May 15th

May 9th: 3 fish taken one was released. Colin Nesbit and Luger August from Germany had his first Irish salmon. Will post on photos when he sends them on today. He was all excited about his fish thus the delay.

May 10th: 2 salmon taken by Gary Brown, and Marshall Tweed first time on the lake. 4 other fish released.

May 11th: 6 fish landed 4 of which were released. D.Maguire and N .Duggan were the anglers concerned.

May 12th: 4 fish taken and all of them released. No photos taken as the fish we re not taken out of the water.

May 13th: Not unlucky for D.Cazabon, D.Malpass and Andrew Pearson who each had a fish and there were 3 more released. Very sunny conditions and not very suitable for angling.

May 14th: 3 fish taken 1 released.Local man S.Gaughan, S.Cullen and after 4 years trying to catch a carramore salmon had his 1st.of 11lbs today. Photos to follow.

May 15th: Brilliant sunshine and very little wind no fish taken for the day.

Photos:Marshall Tweed with his first carramore salmon, Diarmuid Maguires 7lb. fish taken on Wednesday 11TH, Richard McDowell 6lb fish caught and released 12/05/16, D.Malpass with his fish Pat Foley.

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