Angling report for week June 3rd to June 12th

Angling report for week June 3rd to June 12th

June 3rd: Gerald Hallworth had the only fish on Friday 3rd. A 5 lbs Salmon / Grilse pure fresh which he released.

June 4th: Very little fishing taking place due to Sunny weather conditions. 1 boat went out and L.Mitchell had a fresh grilse of 5 lbs.

June 5th: No Fishing due to Sunny weather conditions.

June 6th: 4 grilse taken and all released by The Gibbons, M.Whitelaw, M.Parrott , and V.Rigney.

June 7th: 1 fish of 5 lbs taken by Martin Ryan from Drogheda in very calm sunny conditions.

June 8th: Renee Laghenmaier from Cavan released a grilse of approx 5 lbs in very.bad angling conditions. Some seatrout up to 2bs being caught.

June 9th: 2 grilse average 4lbs released by M.Corway and P.Foley. 2 seatrout bout 2 lbs each released by C.Murphy O Donnell from U.S.A.

June 10th: salmon caught with Martin

June 11th: 7lb fresh in on lake and one 4lb returned.

June 12th: 2 salmon landed 10lb by Toby Gibbons and 1 released. V.Rigney released a fish of 4 lbs. Ronnie Mayock had a sea trout of 4 lbs. More seatrout of 1 lb approx were released.

Photos: Toby Gibbons 10lb Salmon, Ronnie Mayock with his 4lb. Seatrout, Gerald Hallworth and his first carramore salmon weighing approx 6lbs which he sportingly released, Michael Carthy 9lbs, Vincent McCabe

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