Angling report for week June 15th to June 22nd

June 15th: despite the very windy conditions  1 boat went out and Tommy Greham had a grilse.

June 16th: no boats out due to the very strong  northerly wind.

June 18th: 4 grilse taken 2 of which were released. David  Patton  and his dad had 2 and Larry  McAlinden  the other 2. 18 seatrout  were taken best been 2.3 lbs.

June 19th: Despite the very windy conditions Peter Farrelly  had a grilse .35 seatrout  were caught  most of which  were released also.

June 20th: No fishing due to bad weather.

June 21st: No fishing due to bad weather.

June 22nd: 7 grilse caught 6 of which were released. Tom Walsh and R. OReilly from Naas as well as D.Maguire were the anglers concerned. 17 seatrout weighing from 1.25 lbs to 2.5lbs were also landed.

June 23rd: 2 Grilse and 13 seatrout landed by anglers Tom Walsh and R. OReilly from Naas.


Photos: Martin Reuland 4.5 lbs Seatrout, Cameron Brandt USA, Peter Farrelly and James Carney’s catch, Mervyn Corway, Larry McAlinden

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